Book Fair

One of the teachers, T., set up a Scholastic Book Fair at our school!

I love book fairs. It also made me think back to my days as an elementary student, flipping through the latest Scholastic flyer and bringing my order form (and sparse cash) to order the latest books!

Up here, it’s not often you see a kid carry a book and read for fun; there are a few, but there aren’t many. I’ve yet to see Cree adults carrying books around with them, so book reading does not have a strong presence here. All the more important to make sure there’s lots of excitement about the fair!


While none of the books really caught my eye – I’m already reading Divergenton my iBooks – I decided to buy something just to support the fair.

I ended up picking this one – a quick, fun read.

*I can’t wait to see the movie down south!


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