April Goals

Just a quick review of goals I had written for the month of April:


  • Go skiing 3 times a week (1/5): As it started warming up outdoors, we hesitated to go out regularly. We only went a few times.
  • Try a new recipe (0/5): I wanted to try making vegan gnudi-balls but as Goose Break got nearer and nearer, I wanted a break from the kitchen more badly. Oh well.
  • Walk more regularly (3/5): J. and I were walking to school, but a few times we took the car to work. While traveling in Turkey though, I walked quite a lot everywhere.


  • No more audible book purchases until July 1st (0/5): I keep breaking this rule. I picked up another couple of books during a sale. I have decided to remove my credit card number just to prevent this from happening again.
  • Take a financial literacy quiz (3/5): I scored a measly 15 out of 23 on a financial literacy quiz. Yes, I know what TSFAs and RSPs are, but I need to learn more about investments. This is the feedback that I expected …


  • Learn about Notebook software (4/5): I hosted a Smart Tech webinar at school. I had never known that I could convert my handwriting into text, nor did I realize that there were 3D shapes to play with! I should try making my own Notebook files, but haven’t had the time to dedicate to this yet.
  • Continue cleaning back room (0/5): I was suppose to spend a couple of hours a week, but slacked off as the break approached.
  • Replace work tops (3/5): I didn’t even realize how old and worn out a few of my shirts were … until I discovered one of my shirts was ladden with tiny holes! Ughhh, I actually have sweaters that are too short for me, making my belly stick out if I raise my arms! I did pick up two tops at Mango in Istanbul, but I still need some more.

Personal Development 

  • Study Turkish (5/5): I finish all the units of Pimsleur Digital Turkish! It has been fun using it in Turkey!
  • Get the principal to have demo with OnBoard Academics (5/5): This was a great success! We had a 30-minute session with a salesperson, and the principal loved it! She is now processing a quotation for a 3-subject subscription – math, English and science. I’m also happy that the principal sees me as someone who takes initiative; when we have the license, she wants me to run a workshop for the other teachers.

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