Coming to Terms

This morning, I flew out of Toronto. Currently, I am holed up at one of the hotels near the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport, Montreal.

Today is one of the rare days where I get to be by myself, which nowadays, only happens when I am in transit. And when I get that time, I try to make the most of it. As an INTJ, I need quiet time each day to think, reflect and recharge. This is the best time to go over my monthly goals, write in my journal or just think about projects I’d like to start. This is also a good time to be completely frank with myself, when I have not been.

Specifically, I want to say loud and clear: My. Jeans. Don’t. Fit. Me. Anymore.

I’ve been in denial about this one for many months, but it’s kinda finally hit me that seriously my Uniqlo jeans are waaay too tight on me. I accumulated a Canadian Tire over the winter months and my denims are no longer comfortable to button up. I am often wrangling the button into the loop (or blaming the button for being resistant). I didn’t have this trouble last summer and it just goes to show that I need to work on lesson #2 of Mark Manson’s post, Ten Life Lessons in Your 30s

Taking the first step is the hardest, so why not use retail therapy to do so? Yesterday, I bought a pair of TNA short shorts ($18), so that I could not excuse myself from exercising by saying I had not packed anything to work out in. When I got to the hotel this afternoon, I didn’t allow myself to sit down and nap; I changed immediately, headed to the gym and ran 10 minutes on the treadmill.

I know, I know … it ain’t a whole lot.

Your body doesn’t do any serious cardio until after 10 minutes, I am fully aware. And despite the fact that I abhor running, I know I can do it and I just needed to some baby steps. I’ve run up to 25 minutes when I hired a personal trainer back in 2007. J. also constantly reminds me that I have a runner’s body that I don’t use it. Gearing up, taking a picture of myself and writing about it means that I am committing to working out regularly.

It’s a start.


(By the way, if you wonder how I got away with fooling myself for so long, it’s because I still look good in tight jeans. You just take a long, flowing shirt, pull it down and hide your paunch with it. And voila! You’ve got a good teacher outfit!)



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