A Glitch in the Works

So there is a little glitch in my plans …

As part of my resolution to get back into shape, I had decided I would go to the fitness classes at the Gathering Place (i.e. community centre). Unfortunately, I only found out, upon my return, that the trainer is away on a yoga return. And since our 10 kilometre walk, I haven’t been out after work.*

Part of the process is publicizing it, so I am fully aware, under no false pretences, how I am or am not succeeding.

The weather hasn’t been helping either. J. was running a lot during Goose Break, but with the cold, wet rainy days, both of us have no desire to go out. I normally enjoy whatever weather I’m given, but after one rainy week in Toronto and a second in Waskaganish, I’m really hoping it starts changing!

Perhaps I should just force myself on a walk after school and throw my headphones on to practice my Pimsleur Digital Mandarin.** That would kill two birds with one stone!

As for food, I am aware that over the school year, I’ve been relying more and more on processed foods. So since I’ve been back, I’ve made it a point to dig through the cupboards and work with the dried beans that have been sitting on the back shelf. Last week, I made hummus and quinoa salad for J., who is on a ‘clean diet’. On the weekend, I tried my hand at making Ethiopian-style lentils. And tonight, I made chili with a block of tofu that had been sitting in the freezer for a few months. Right now, I’m soaking some black beans to cook for tomorrow.

But tomorrow, I will go for a walk after work!


*However, we have been walking to and from school as much as we can, except for days where we have to pick up parcels at the post office or groceries.

**Just reviewed unit 15 on the weekend and about to start unit 16, which will be new to me.


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