OAME 2014

Since I had a great time last year at the OAME conference in Toronto, I wanted to attend again. Of course, it had to be a week after Goose Break. Sighhhh. But wait, it was available online this year to anyone living over 100 km away!

On Friday, with permission from the principal, I took the day off to attend my first eConference ($100).*

I participated in three live-streamed lectures by Jo Boaler**, Dan Meyer (pictured below) and George Couros. Although it wasn’t set up for any other workshops or lectures, the three of them were amazing! We even had a live chat with other teachers who were attending online and there was some lively debating going on.

I’m glad that I participated. These types of events help keep teachers focused and interested in their work. Enthusiasm can be contagious!


*This is the first year that the OAME tried running an eConference. Anyone living more than 100 km is eligible for it. The board would not cover the expenses since it was out-of-province, and I did not give sufficient notice for it to be considered. I took an unpaid day to attend. Perhaps next year I could get it covered?

**Funny enough, I was actually browsing Boeler’s books on Amazon just a few weeks ago, perhaps I will buy one after all. You can also read this article she wrote on The Atlantic.



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