I need not say more, because reading all these #YesAllWomen tweets and articles made me cry as I recalled all the events I went through through over all the years of my life.

It reminded me of the times the pedophile near my mom’s house would talk to me. It reminded me of the time someone stalked me on the subway in South Korea and tried to follow me home. Or the time I was cornered in my own home by a fellow teacher’s boyfriend because he thought I would sleep with him.

And that’s just a small sampling of one woman goes through. And only what I’m comfortable sharing with the Internet.

What I’ve realized is that I will not be free of harassment the rest of this life either, but at least people are starting to better understand, talk and listen to one another.

So if you’re just tapping into the #YesAllWomen conversation now, here are a few good reads:


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