I don’t have a bucket list. I had tried writing one in the past, but eventually scrapped it.


Well, there’s so much out there to do that I don’t see the point of writing down everything. When I’m ready and interested, I will drive myself to try something new, whatever it may be. So instead, I now have a reverse bucket list.

But there is something I’ve always daydreamed about: participating in a NOLS course. While I’m active and always game for something new, I can’t say that I’m very fit or have done anything more than a 3-day trek.*

This 14-day trek in Arizona is what I would love to partake in. While I can’t say it’s a hard goal, I’m thinking that perhaps I might take this course before I hit 35. That doesn’t give me many years, but it makes me a realistic enough goal that I could actually plan towards it if I’m dead set on doing a course.

We’ll see. Just daydreaming for now.

*During the Christmas holidays of 2007, I hiked through northern Thailand for three days.


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