A Sigh of Relief

This morning, I helped to invigilate the Secondary 4 Science and Technology exam. Nearly everyone was present, except for a couple of few students who had not been attending regularly. The exam was quite fair and there was a good spread of various topics. A few mental notes I need to make:

  • Technology: A lot of students do not know the word ‘component’. They answered the technology section incorrectly when asked to name a ‘component’ of a machine and wrote in random words instead. I also need to come up with a mnemonic for the different constraints (i.e. compression, tension) as many students were not able to name these terms.
  • Electricity: I forgot to cover how ammeters and voltmeters are attached in circuits. Ammeters must be set up in series, while voltmeters should be set up in parallel because they measure a difference in voltage.
  • Ecology: Students were able to recognize that an impact occurs when the population of a species decreases, but they were not able to specifically predict various outcomes and impact on other animals.
  • Magnets: Drat, I completely forgot to cover this! It could have easily been taught in two lessons.

There are about nine Sec 4 students and three Sec 5 students that have a strong chance of passing. I just have to wait now!


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