Bike Works at Evergreen

Dropped into Evergreen Brickworks today. This is one of my favourite spaces in the city! I brought my bike to Bike Works and was taught how to do a basic tune-up in half an hour. While I didn’t do much more than pump my tires, check my gear changers, degrease the chain and oil it back, it was so empowering!

Previously, I felt nervous about doing it and had been putting it off. But the volunteers and the people there were so friendly that it gave me better confidence to do it on my own.

Bike Works run by staff and volunteers, and the recommended donation is $7-10 per hour. I gave $10 because I felt that I could afford it.

Bought a pack of basil seeds from Urban Harvest, rewarded myself with some lemon meringue gelato ($3), chilled on a bench and read a bit of my book, Shantaram.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.17.54 PM


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