A few months ago, I participated in the OAME conference. After being amazed by George Couros’ lecture on integrating technology into the curriculum, I downloaded Instagram to play with. Since then, I’ve become slightly obsessed with inverted yoga poses.

Not necessarily headstands starting from the ground up, as they take a lot of core strength to pull yourself up! Not only that, but I find them pretty uncomfortable. Instead, I’ve gotten it in my head that I want to learn how to do a handstand. For a long time, handstands were always something that I can’t do. I am not capable of doing a handstand. That’s just not me. Handstands are what the other girls on the playground did.


I was just a klutz who could barely do a cartwheel!

Of course, nothing really happens spontaneously. There were a few people who set the stage for the change of heart and planted seeds in my head over the past few years. Notably, A., a former co-worker who now teaches in Turkey, loves throwing herself upside-down every time we got out of the car or went hiking. And N., who is a pretty academic gal and never considered herself a fitness guru, reassured me it has nothing to do with upper arm strength; anyone could even do it against the wall simply by supporting the weight of your body. Even last year, on Canada’s Day, I remember going to the nearby park with my sister and a few friends; we fooled around on the playground, practicing handstands (poorly).

And so I can say that I officially started last weekend, when S., one of my friends, talked me through the basic steps. We practiced “kipping”, or extending the legs and slapping the feet together. I felt awkward doing it in front of someone, but I appreciated her patience and her guidance.

I am aware that what is holding me back is the fear of falling over. I made a few videos on the Macbook Air to see what was actually happening. Often, I am not extending my two legs fully or pushing them high enough. When I feel out of control, as a reflex, I tuck my knees in and crash back to the ground.

I watched a few YouTube videos today, including this one, to get a few more tips. This one that I posted below is my favourite. So for now, I’ll just keep practicing and see where things go the rest of the summer!


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