Monthly Goals: Joyous July

Reading through my goals probably isn’t too exciting. This is really just for tracking purposes.


  • Do some gardening (1/5): Did some weeding in the back lot only once for about an hour. I feel bad that I didn’t do more.
  • Learn to tune up bike (5/5): I took it to Bike Works at Evergreen Brickworks and it was fun! I donated $10 for the 30-minute session and the use of materials.


  • Start paddling exercises (0/5): I meant to do a series of exercises, including prisoners’ squat, lunges, woodpecker and plank for kayaking. Nope.
  • Meet with a specialist on digestive issues (5/5): Yeah, this was a waste of time. The doctor told me that unless I had severe issues or cancer, there wasn’t much to do except avoid the foods that are causing serious gas.
  • Take a plunge with iFly (0/5): Didn’t end up doing this as it was booked when we called. Oh well, next summer.
  • Try out kayaking (5/5): Did it twice. It wasn’t too bad going tandem! I also went with A. a second time but just on a single kayak.
  • Try out SUP (5/5): Did it twice. My sister and I had a lot of fun! I even went again with B. and tried yoga on it.
  • Take some yoga classes (1/5): Did two hot yoga classes. Apparently, I still have two more paid classes at Moksha Danforth from 2008!
  • Eat a better breakfast (0/5): On vacations, I get pretty lazy and don’t even bother with breakfast sometimes. When I do eat, it’s just fruit. Transfer to August.
  • Practice handstands (2/5): I started doing this but have no regiment or schedule for practicing right now. Also had to put it on hold when I got a tetanus booster and my arm was in pain for about 5 days.


  • Go to an investing workshop (0/5): Didn’t sign up for one. They were always on days where I had booked something. Saturday mornings when I have plans to have fun? No thanks.
  • Get B. to help start a QuestTrade account (4/5): Use my friend’s key, B., to open it up. It’s been a lot slower than I expected because I wrote the wrong address on the paperwork and my application came back to me ….ughhh!! Hopefully she will get $50 once all my papers go through!


  • Get the CRV detailed (1/5): Still haven’t done this yet. I did a lot of research and even found a place that was going to charge approximately $150. When I went there, they quoted me $200 and I really wanted to pay a lot less, so I canceled. Since then, I’ve been putting this one off.
  • Replace catalytic converter cover (5/5): Done, this cost me $258 ughhhhhh.


  • Hang out with friends (5/5): Saw high school friends at a wedding and a ton of friends through the month.
  • Pick outfits for Mom and my sister for Y.’s wedding (5/5): Went to 5 different places to help my sister look for wedding outfits. Also spent a whole day with mom. No purchases yet, but it was still productive as we were discussing shape, cut, colour, etc.
  • Go to Paintlouge with Gramma (0/5): She didn’t want to go, so I didn’t take her. Oh well.


  • Practice Mandarin with Mom and finish unit 20 (0/5): Didn’t do this at all.


  • Buy more skirts and jeans (1/5): Got only one skirt and was too lazy to buy pants.
  • Get a new bra (5/5): My two are getting kinda grungy and have lasted quite well. This task I dragged Gramma with me! Got two! Ouch, spent more than $200.


  • Explore Renkenrek (0/5): Forgot about this, move to August.
  • Learn about Sec 5 math (2/5): I met up with M. to go over a few concepts in graph theory, but didn’t study on my own.
  • Dig deep into PD (5/5): Took an amazing 3-day workshop with the Ontario Teacher’s Federation on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Since then, I’ve been playing with a lot of apps and checking out what I can use for next year with the students.

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