Summer Shopping

Funny, I haven’t been shopping much at all this summer. Initially, I spent a lot of time driving. When I came back, I was mostly eating or going out for kayaking or SUP. 

Today, I was suppose to drive down to Hamilton and go hiking with A. She texted this morning to say she had a fever, and even my afternoon with M. was canceled too. Instead, I took my aunt, my grandmother and my mom to Aroma at Bayview Village for lunch. Afterwards, we walked around, helping everyone find outfits for my sister’s wedding next year. It’s still a long way off, but it was pretty fun. My mom and I both even tried a Hugo Boss dress, which was too small for me and too big on her. I didn’t show her the $750 price tag until she pulled it on! 

In the end, my mom and I did a second round at Scarborough Town Centre. I picked up a little skirt ($25) and blouse ($25) at Club Monaco because they had an amazing 50% off sale on the lowest ticketed price! What a steal! 


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