Handstands: Video #1

It’s a bit hard to track your progress when you can’t see what you’re doing. And just like in teaching, a student feels that she has a better idea of progress when she receives instant feedback.

Therefore, I made a video of my attempt at handstands after coming home from a morning workout in the park*. I’m still pretty terrible at it and don’t have much core strength yet. When I freak out, I tuck my knees in and try to round off; you can see in the video this causes me a bit of trouble … eventually I will have to stop doing that!

I feel progress happening, however little. It’s still progress though!


The next step: S. said that once I’m starting to throwing myself up to the wall, just keeping a couple of toes on the wall, to develop the forearm strength, balance and my core too. That will be the next focus.

*The Lolë stores offer free fitness classes around the city.


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