Back at Home

I got in late last night around 12:45 am, and I was surprised to see that the town was still awake – half were partying and the other half were at a baseball game. Unpacked food and some of the car until 3 am, as the caffeine was still pumping hard in my system*.

And now I am enjoying this morning in the house.


A few thoughts this morning:

  • Screen time: I am spending far too much screen time, especially now that I have a smartphone. J. laughs that I ignore my iPad now, but I haven’t actually reduced my screen time at ALL. In fact, it may have even increased. Therefore, I have decided that I will be blogging a lot less.
  • FitBit: I hadn’t mentioned, but I have a FitBit monitor. I didn’t like the FitBit Flex sitting on my wrist and switched over to a FitBit One. I also bought an Aria but not sure I want to keep it anymore. I may try to resell it to save some money. Initially, I thought it’d be good to measure BMI and fat percentage, but J. points out that micromanaging data is not necessarily very productive. Just go out and play, he says.
  • Creativity: I want to use my hands more. I made these little magnets with old origami paper stickers and will be using this on my fitness progress chart. I also put some chalkboard adhesive paper onto an old iced tea can for. I will be taking fewer pictures too, unless it has to do with celebrating “IRL” time, or reducing my screen time.


  • “Skinny” clothes: I put on a dress that I wore last summer when I went out with J. in Montreal. I looked really good in it, as it’s a pretty tight, sexy dress. It now reveals every bulge and panty line on my body. It was a shock to see my body. I just don’t feel sexy anymore. I’ve decided I am going to put away some “skinny” clothes in the basement and work towards wearing them again. It would be less productive if I just threw them away.

Alright, turning off the comp and unpacking the rest of the car …

*I use coffee for driving long distances.


2 thoughts on “Back at Home

    • I’ll still continue blogging but I think I’m just going to be more mindful of what I post. No more random food posts, unless it’s a healthy meal.

      Don’t worry, I can’t stop writing 😛

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