Handstands #2

With the past week in Montreal and a lot of time on the road, I wasn’t able to practice handstands. I finally had some time today at home. I would do three or four on the iPad and then review them to see where I am struggling or what I need to change. I’ve noted two areas of progress:

  • Practice area: After fooling around at the trampoline park, I feel comfortable knowing I won’t tip over. I have begun practicing without a wall.
  • Legs: I’m starting to straighten out my legs more, even when I come back down. The handstands in the first video I made look pretty poor, now that I look at it again!

Here’s the best one of the day. It doesn’t look like much, but I knew that I was progressing enough that I squealed and did a small happy dance afterwards!

Handstands #2 from Min Min T on Vimeo.


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