Finally Reinvesting

It’s official!

After two months of paperwork and waiting, I finally have opened a Questrade account. This is after three years of twiddling my thumbs after liquidating poorly-performing mutual funds.* I want to be more active in my investments and I know that for the past few years, I’ve been putting it off, despite having claimed that it is a priority. It was nice that my friend, B., sat down with me one evening and walked me through the platform. She gave me the little boot that I needed.

Currently, I am reading about the basics of trading stockshow orders are executed and different types of orders, such as limit vs. market.

I transferred my 2014 TSFAs over from Tangerine* and have decided I need to finally get my hands dirty. I’m not expecting to gain much; my primary goals for the next two to three months are:

  1. get comfortable with executing different types of orders and understanding when they are used
  2. watching a few stocks and reading trends in the markets
  3. calculating the cost of trades versus profits
  4. understanding the Questrade trading platform
  5. making a few bucks … but not losing!

At this time, just keeping it simple and playing around.

Yay for new projects (and actively reinvesting)! 

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 5.56.46 PM

*Mind you, I also went through the entire hassle of setting up a TD Waterhouse account. So for the past three years, I had $500 USD sitting dormant and not accumulating any interest, without ever having placed an order. Bad Me.

**Formerly known as ING Direct


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