Inversions: First Attempt at Sirsasana

I started becoming fascinated with inversions this year. And as you’ve seen, since July, I’ve been working on handstands intermittently.

However, I was never really interested in headstands, but just for the challenge, I decided to look into sirsasana today. It was a lot more fun than I expected! And I was surprised I could even bring my legs up (my expectations were fairly low). It definitely helps to wrap the hands around the elbows initially  to keep your forearms a proper distance apart.

Here are a few of my attempts:

I was surprised to realize that this would be a fun pose to continue working on! And since my shoulders / deltoids are still weak, I will work on this forearm strengthening exercise.

I will also practice this other strengthening exercise, which can be during downward dog. Exhale as you come up, inhale as you come down. I’m not strong enough to come up with both arms yet, so I will work on one arm at a time, in sets of five. I might also need yoga gloves, because my mat is getting worn and I’m slipping once in a while. 

Ahhh! So many poses to work on, even something as basic as chaturanga*.

A bit at a time.

*I only realized on Monday that I had been doing it incorrectly for the past 11 years. Here are some tips. I still have “high ass”.


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