Setting Food Guidelines

I’m going to set a few guidelines for eating between now – mid-August – and the last day of November. I thought a 3-month trial period would be good.

Foods I should not be eating:

  • Kitchen of India curries: My favourite is the cottage cheese curry. I ate an entire box in one sitting over the summer. It contained 50 grams of fat. Not easily accessible. I have to order this online.
  • Poutine: Yes, I know it’s actually not vegetarian. I’ve been slipping since the three years I’ve been up here. When we go out to the restaurant, it’s something that I like to order because there are only two vegetarian options – grilled cheese or iceberg lettuce salad (which does not fill me up). I’ve decided I will NOT be ordering it anymore. Honestly, I hate going to the restaurant to eat lunch, but it’s more often to socialize. 
  • Chips: Ohhhh, I love potato chips. There have been handful of occasions where J. and I leave work hungry and tired. We end up going to the store and sit at home nomming on a giant bag of chips – yes, each – for dinner. 

Snacks that are acceptable

  • Camino chocolate squares: Mint chocolate is one of my favourite. A bar can actually last me quite a long time; sometimes even a month.
  • Low-fat cookies: Shasha makes fantastic ginger snaps. Just three or four are great for a snack.

Meals that are acceptable

  • Falafels: No, I don’t make them from scratch, but I love this brand ($3) from It’s a great way to get a variety of veggies into your meal. Also, I use natural tahini to flavour it.
  • Lara bars: They’re not really meant as meals, but on the days where I am dragging myself out of bed and too tired to make myself breakfast, I find that I won’t eat at all. The quick, healthy solution is forcing a Lara bar while I’m on my way to work. It fits easily into my bag or pocket and doesn’t make a mess. Last year, I bought a mixed pack from Costco. I wasn’t able to find it this year, but they are on sale on

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