More Salamba Sirsasana

First week of work was tiring. I didn’t end up waking early for practice in the morning as I had initially hoped.

Today, after work, I decided to give another go at salamba sirsasana (supported headstand). First, I did some forearm strengthening exercises for the deltoids and practiced extending my shoulders away from my head. I was surprised to see that I am starting to be able to lift both arms, rather than one at a time!

Then, as I began practicing the headstands, I found myself squeezing really hard to pull myself up and trying to pull my feet in to point them in the air. It was tricky and you can see that my body is not stacked properly and that my calves are quite flexed.

Photo 2014-08-22, 8 57 07 PM

On the second go, as I pulled myself up higher and engaged my core, I suddenly felt balanced and felt my torse was properly stacked! Holy cow! I couldn’t believe what a difference it made. Once you are aligned, it does not feel difficult to stay inverted for a while.

I took a few videos and so far, the best way to see if you’re stacked, is to either 1) turn the video / photo upside down or 2) to draw a line from the crown of your head towards your sit bones (ischial tuberosity).

line stacked

And every time after that, I was stacking fairly well! On the last try, I even held it for quite a few seconds!




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