Review of the FitBit

I haven’t really written much about the FitBit One ($100) that I bought last month.

I had initially picked up the FitBit Flex, but switched it when I didn’t like it always being on my wrist (it was fine at first, but felt annoying after a week). I’m still wearing it daily, so I share my thoughts on this product:

  • The first realization I made was that it doesn’t change your habits. You have to be motivated to change, so if you’ve got no game plan in mind, the FitBit data will only reveal your lazy habits. 
  • This works well as a sleep tracker for me. You can see that throughout the week, I had slept a consistent 7 hours or so (ignore the last entry, it is incorrect and should be 8 hours). I set a silent, vibrating alarm around 10 pm for me to be in bed, doing a relaxing or low-energy activity like reading (but more often, looking at yoga videos on Instagram). A second alarm at 10:30 pm ensures that I start brushing my teeth if, for some reason, I get distracted and miss the first alarm. I sleep by 11 pm each night and a third alarm wakes me at 7:30 am. I need lots of sleep to have enough energy at school.


  • The pedometer is more of a reminder that I need to walk; the total number of steps is insignificant. While it’s not important right now, it’ll be far more so in the wintertime when we’re much more sedentary. As you can see during my first week’s return to work life, I drove every day except on Friday. Yep, the data doesn’t lie.


I plan on using the FitBit regularly as it’s become part of my daily habits. I’ll be nice once I get a more solid workout schedule going – right now, I’m intermittently doing yoga at home – so that I can log the number of active minutes too. I won’t be analyzing the data regularly, but perhaps this can go into my review of my monthly goals. 


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