Standards-Based Grading

Recently, I have started considering the idea of using standards-based grading (focused on skills), rather than the traditional assessment-based grading (focused on assignments, tests, quizzes). I haven’t fully wrapped my head around it, but I started looking at a few YouTube videos and came across this one by Active Grade ($5 USD/month), which I started an account with.

Here are some key ideas from this video (running time: 28 minutes):


How can standards-based grading (SBG) help your daily teaching?

  1. Making daily planning decisions – Use colour-coding to help identify patterns, could make study groups, helps you to cover expectations or standards that everyone is struggling with
  2. Empowers students – Traditional grading does not motivate students to learn, it only helps them to get an average grade, which leads to a feeling of apathy; change the feedback that students receive
  3. Improve communication with parents – They have the opportunity to see what the expectations are and where their child is meeting them. It’s not about handing in assignments. How are they demonstrating mastery in an area?


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