Second Week In!

Week two has been going fantastic. It is definitely a lot easier as a second year teacher. Since I’ve worked with 80% of the students before, they walk in and already have an idea of what my rules and expectations are. I’m not hassling and giving the stink eye or a warning means they follow up, rather than pushing back and fighting me.

I also put a more thorough and comprehensive lab safety unit this year (I did not do enough in my first year). The students are really enjoying it, especially some of the videos such as Ultimate Lab Safety, which I found off YouTube and is pretty hilarious to watch. 

For the last period today, and as a reward for the Sec 3s working so hard on their lab safety unit (plus they aced the practice test), I used the last 10 minutes to show the NFB’s adaptation of Roch Carrier’s ‘The Hockey Sweater‘. They must have loved it, because one of the kids even started speaking English in a French accent afterwards!

Woohoo! Tomorrow is Friday and then long weekend!


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