August Monthly Goals


  • Get back into cooking and try new recipes (3/5): After not cooking at all this summer, I came back with renewed energy in the kitchen! I made uttapams and bibimbap for the first time. I’ve also been using beans too. The last week, we ate a lot of junk because it’s been extremely busy. J. has been staying at work until 11 pm sometimes. 
  • Attend fitness classes (1/5): J. and I both bought a membership to the gym. It was only $100/year for women; men get charged $140/year (sexism at work). The PT was on a break for a while, so I’ve only been to one fitness class (only two were available so far). It was a good way to get back to the gym, and although not as tough as boot camps I’d been to in the past, my abs and legs got a good burn.
  • Continue working on inversions (5/5): Handstands, I haven’t progressed too far on. However, headstands are something else! I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve accomplished in a mere two weeks! The most rewarding part is feeling properly stacked in sirsasana. I even got both my legs up!
  • Get back into yoga (3/5): While I’ve done a bit of yoga, I don’t have a weekly routine yet, so I’m still only doing it twice a week, rather than a daily practice, which would help me progress much faster and steadily. I left the mat out in the living room, so sometimes at lunch or before I go to work, I do a couple of vinyasas. My heels are starting to come down, but throughout my life, I’ve always had tight hamstrings. I share with a friend and fellow blogger; we give each other feedback whenever we post our videos/photos and posts. It’s actually been an amazing tool to get another perspective. 


  • Delay my renewal of the Audible membership until 2015 (ongoing): Don’t get me wrong, I love my audiobooks. I finished my subscription from last year and really enjoyed a lot of my books. I delved into books I would have never considered and would love to continue with But I did buy a stack of books down south and should hit those first. I am considering putting the money towards a Spotify account instead.
  • Check on retention money (ongoing): Several emails and 6 months later, I still haven’t heard anything about my retention pay. I finally contacted the head of Human Resources, CC’d my local union rep and got a reply that I will be retroactively paid from February 2014 on the next paycheck. Since it was confirmed, I included approximately $3000 as an estimate in my net worth.
  • Start trading on Questrade (2/5): Read through the intro booklet and bought some stocks mid-August. Still watching … and regretting now having picked up any THI.TO when Burger King and Tim’s announced their merger! My friend B. made $25 from having me sign up.
  • Set up web access with Investia (5/5): Contacted my financial advisor, who took over our family’s accounts after my father passed away, and set up a login for Investia. These are the only funds ($1500) I have left. They’re super old … I should look into the history of these funds.


  • Get the CRV detailed (5/5): Done. I hunted in Toronto for a long time for anything that was $150 but was not successful. I finally did this on West Island, near Montreal for $207 including tax. J.’s family had been to the business before, so at least I felt it was a business I could rely on. Considering that if I had to give up the car, for any reason or emergency (knock on wood), I want it to be in good, sellable condition. I still have another 4 years to pay it off; I remind myself I do not own it … yet.


  • Start Hindi (0/5): I’ve purchased 10 units of Hindi with a few Audible credits I got for $11/each. It’s been busy that I’d put this off and will officially start in September.


  • Better long range planning (1/5): My biggest weakness. I bought a long-range planning package off TeachersPayTeachers and haven’t had the time to work on these yet. ERrrrrghhh, I know! I know! I’m putting this off!!
  • Lead a math workshop for Onboard Academics (0/5): Put on hold for now. The principal have not asked me to set this up yet. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 12.43.37 PM


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