Distracted vs. Focused

I’m not the most focused person.

I can often start one task, then skip to another and suddenly have a third going, only to have forgotten about the initial one. I’d like to believe that I am a professional multitasker, but deep down inside, I know that I am easily and often distracted. The few times I tried  #TablessThursdays after laughing about it on The Atlantic, I actually failed miserably (three is the minimum of tabs I need to survive with).

The strange thing is, when I get angry because I feel someone acted unjustly to me, I go quiet and become hyper-focused. Often, I end up obsessively cleaning, scrubbing or tidying, which is what I ended up doing this evening after I got miffed at something J. said to me. Nothing really worth holding a grudge on, but it launched me into a frenzy of cleaning. I started with siphoning the dirty water in the turtle tank – a task I’d been putting off for several weeks now – and also started putting away items that were lying around the house. After about two hours, I decided it was time to practice my headstands.

I felt strong today.

My shoulders were not sore from practicing on the long weekend. I was determined that I was going to extend my legs fully.

And so I laid my yoga mat back in the hallway next to the bedroom. I folded my fleece blanket, clasped my fingers in a firm, steady grip and set myself up.

And up my legs went, both together, with little hesitation and wobble. The first try, no problem. The second was better. I just kept going and going. I swear, this is getting a lot easier. It felt good.

Maybe I should get into fights more often? 

2014-09-02 21.50.05


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