Lining Up My Ducks

As I posted last weekend, backend work is key to performing well when it counts.

And that goes the same for teaching.

When you are in the classroom, lecturing, engaging, reprimanding, monitoring and mentoring, you are performing a show every day and there are a lot of eyes on you. Having taught for a few years now, I can say that I’ve got a knack at this. Not that I am a master show-woman, mind you, but I’ve got a pretty tough audience to work with. Aboriginal kids are notoriously quiet, reticent and poker-faced; they don’t give you much to work with unless you’ve got a relationship with them. I forget this fact; I’m only reminded of how unusual my students are when a new teacher steps in and I watch him fumble and fall on his face. 

However, as I’ve stated before, I can look organized. But like anyone else, I can get sloppy when I’m tired and worn out. I’ve decided that this year, I don’t want to fall into the same bad habits in the latter half of the year. There were many days and weeks towards the end of the school year where I was planning my day first thing in the morning; it only sent me in a panicked frenzy every couple of hours. It wasn’t the right way to go about my job.

I need to be a better and more consistent planner. I need to be professional. Last night, I pushed myself to finish the long-range planning for the secondary 4 science course.

This morning, I’m typing out some more lessons on Planbook by Hellmansoft, reorganizing the schedule (changes were made for the third time this year, to the frustration of many high school students) and I learned how to export lessons. If I teach the same courses next year, I will be able to import them straight back into the planbook and reuse them!

Now to stay on course and keep up my good habits.

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 11.34.39 AM


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