Keeping Straight

Third night at a hotel in Val D’Or. My 1-hour presentation on BYOD was well-received and I was pretty lax about it, because I knew all the teachers except one. We had some good laughs and the feedback I got back was that teachers really like Kahoot. However, I would definitely like to do this presentation again and it would be good to clean it up for when I have a new audience (with higher expectations to be professional and well-paced).

Now I can relax! But I’ve been sleeping late every night because I’m up doing yoga and so I keep waking up more and more exhausted. Part of me feels guilty for pushing my body this way, but I also know I don’t often have time to myself. What I should have done was gone to bed early and do my yoga practice in the morning.

Anyway, as I’ve become more comfortable with my body, I’ve started playing around with my legs while in headstand. I threw up a few good shots on Instagram – I was impressed when I saw them! – so I won’t repost here.

The main issue is that I still struggle to straighten my legs fully. I’m realizing that there are three root causes at play, one is a weak core, the second is that I’m not engaging my legs fully and that three, my base was not as strong as I believed it to be. The latter merely emphasizes the fact that a solid foundation is critical if I am to start practicing away from any support (i.e. walls).

Tonight, I took this video and it’s possibly the straightest I’ve ever been able to align myself! I dropped myself just to get a feel of how it could flow to chaturanga, without placing my palms and wrists into the position yet. It’s definitely something I would like to work on!

Sirsasana #8 from Min Min T on Vimeo.


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