Fitness Goals

Got back home at 1 a.m. last night. Here are a few fitness updates:

  • FitBit: I’ve put away the FitBit One for now. Using it for the last two months have helped me get back into a better mindset and a better sleep routine. I don’t need it anymore but will keep it on hand if I lose my focus.
  • Core workouts: I went ahead and bought Kerri Verna’s workout on Cody App ($30 USD). I haven’t done too much yet, but started working on planks on my last morning in Val D’Or yesterday. Side plants are pretty tough for me right now. It would make sense to do more workouts in the morning, when J. and I are not fighting over the bandwidth. As I start going through it, I’m going to write down two routines to follow  and alternate every other day.
  • Aria: Initially I was going to sell my electronic scale, but have decided to keep it to measure my body fat. Putting away the FitBit One, but working with the Aria now. I’ll be setting it up this weekend.
  • Shopping: Got a new Lole yoga mat ($35), a Oakely workout top ($18) and a Hurley tank ($10).I also got a pair of running shoes ($80) for my gym workouts. I couldn’t turn down all those awesome prices, but I did cave and buy another Reebok workout top at the regular retail price ($50).
  • Asanas: I’ve taken to microblogging via Instagram, because it’s a lot faster and easier to post. I’ll continue blogging too, but won’t be reposting everything, because it’s too much work. Now that I have a better hand on salamba sirsasana, I’ll build on three new poses:
    1. Eka pada rajakapotasana: I feel more comfortable with the bend in the knees and back now and soon, I will start pivoting my hips and forward.
    2. Pincha mayurasana: My shoulders are getting stronger with all the inversion practices, so I’m currently just practicing against the wall. I doubt I will be moving away from it anytime soon, but I will start building on forearm wheel just so I can exit safely when that time comes in a couple of months.
    3. Chaturanga: I’ve been putting this off. I will need to start taping myself coming into it, so that I’m not hurting or straining my shoulders.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 11.33.30 AM


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