Jump Forward

I couldn’t go back to sleep early this morning, so I got up at 5 am and followed Lesley Fightmaster’s class on YouTube. I tried to do it without turning the screen on, just by candlelight, but was starting to get lost and had to refer back to the computer. I made it about 30 minutes into it before I got too tired.

As someone with long legs and a shorter torso, I was always confused as to how anyone was able to jump forward. After a quick search, I came across this explanation on Eckhart Yoga.

I love Esther’s voice and accent. Not many instructors bother teaching or correcting this step. In fact, I’ve never heard any yoga instructor explain it in a class. I tried following the tips in the aforementioned and am definitely realizing that I was not looking forward far enough. After a few attempts, lifting my hips into the jump, I could see feel my abs. I should also do some frog jumps, as suggested by a second Eckhart Yoga video.

Will continue to work on this in my vinyasas.

I’ll also try to get up early again sometime this week for another yoga session.


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