Pike Headstand

During the past week, I’ve been toppling over a lot in salamba sirsasana and getting rather frustrated. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and why it was so difficult to get stacked, until I went back to the Kino McGregor video I initially watched and followed it step-by-step.

Then it came to me, I was bringing my elbows to close, which was causing my foundation to be wobbly. And once I spread my arms shoulder-length apart, it all came together again! I was able to shoot my legs straight up without any hesitation. I was stacking my vertebrae without having to squeezing my core really hard! I could headstand again!

I was so happy, I started throwing my legs around and surprise, discovered how to fall into a pike headstand. There are three things to be aware of as you’re falling into this pose:

  1. Tilting your butt back
  2. Squeezing your lower abdominals and
  3. Maintaining length in your neck and shoulders.

Note: I will try to put more videos on fast-motion so that they aren’t so tedious to watch!


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