Taking on a New Challenge: Arm Balances

In yoga, vinyasa describes the flow or transition from one pose into another. And if you want to be able to move from one pose, or asana, to another, there is no way around ignoring a pose that you are afraid of.

For example, I hate backbends. But now that I am enamoured with pincha mayurasana, I have to work on urdhva dhanurasana, or wheel pose, if I want to be able to fall safely out of pincha mayurasana free-standing.

And since overcoming my fear of inversions in August 2014 (and subsequently becoming rather addicted to hanging upside down), I feel less hesitant in attempting poses I would have otherwise dismissed as pretty much impossible.

Today, I mentally committed to mastery at least one an arm balancing pose in the next few months. I’ve never had much upper body strength to begin with and while making a few pitiful attempts at bakasana, I settled on bhujapidasana, or insect pose, with the aid of my foam blocks.

And guess what?!

It wasn’t so bad when you are elevated! Mind you, I am swearing at how difficult this pose feels on my body*, but the fact I can get my feet off for even a few nanoseconds means that the steps towards mastering tittibhasana, or firefly pose, don’t seem so far off anymore.

*Yes, it’s utterly embarrassing when you’re watching yourself wobble and shake, but I can definitely say it’s interesting when you watch it a few months later, because the progress that you’ve made will blow you away!


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