Backwards Planning

After working on wheel pose tonight, I forced myself to sit down and do some long-range planning for the secondary 5 math course. As I’ve said before, this is my Achille’s Heel. Last year, I got lazy and did not put consistent effort into maintaining and following my long-range plans. I got sloppy by January and it would subsequently lead to disorder, chaos and stress.

Well, what better time than to change habits but to start now?

I went onto Math Help Services, set the date of the unit test to my graph theory unit and laid out all the lessons, quizzes and video assignments until the end of October. This is what we teachers call “backwards planning.” Look at the big picture first and then worry about the finer details.

While I’m not flipping my classroom, I am assigning the students the task of viewing the lesson the night before I teach it. I hope that a few will really see and experience the value of doing so. Flipping is not be ideal in a community like this, where not all students have access to laptops, desktops or high bandwidth. Not all of my students even have cellphones. Therefore, I feel that this is the best I can do for now.

So far, a few students have already demonstrated strong interest in using the site. A few today even aced the quiz by going on their cellphones immediately after the lesson and scoring 90s and 100s!

I’m glad I pushed myself to do this. I feel much better and more organized!



2 thoughts on “Backwards Planning

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