More Wheel Pose

I took the afternoon off work, since my head’s been in a fog the past couple of days. Since I’m nowhere near as sick as J. was the past couple of days, it probably means that my body has been doing a decent job of fighting off the itch that’s been creeping up in my throat.

I also bowed out of gym tonight. I’m proud that I went on Monday and on Tuesday, but decided I needed the rest. Normally, I feel much more active, but lately have just felt slow … thankfully not full blown sick, but just, for lack of a better word, muted. Therefore, with my lack of energy, I decided just to work on a few wheel poses to unwind. I decided to forego the blocks under the wrists, as I’d been doing on the weekend, and work on stabilizing between the arms and the legs. Here’s my best shot.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 8.11.00 PMA bigger improvement compared to my first attempt. I’m still struggling to pump my chest forward; my triceps aren’t strong enough to push my weight all the way up so that my shoulders are straight over my hands. Will keep working on this.


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