TGIF: Review of Mini-Goals

It’s been a good week altogether. As I had written earlier, I had three mini-goals the past week. Here’s my review of my progress:

  1. Bell Work: This is usually a short task in the first five minutes of the class. This could be as simple as a single question and asking students to review their notes. At the beginning of the week, I explained what bell work is to most of the classes. It went well with some and it was great for activating prior knowledge. Next step: I need to be more consistent about this and set aside a corner of the chalkboard to write out my bell work instructions. 
  2. Anchor Charts: Oops, I only made one word bank this week, but a student actually used it during a test and he said it helped him! YAY!!! Next step: Make more work banks and a rubric to put above the chalkboard.
  3. Planning: Well, I did two months of planning for my Sec 5 math class and it feels so good! Next step: Now to tackle the other three courses.

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