Away From the Mat

After stepping out of the shower tonight, I wanted to release some of the tension in my upper thighs (this often happens when I am dehydrated).

Over the past month, I’ve been practicing all my inversions on my yoga mats, because they provide good grip under the forearms. But since I was enjoying the solitude in the bathroom and just being in my own bare skin, I thought, well … why the heck not? I took a chance, stuffed my cotton PJ under my head and did a few supported headstands to stretch my legs.

No problems at all! I felt stable and strong.

I was also suddenly reminded that I hadn’t been working on my tripod headstand since my trip to Val D’Or two weeks ago. I mean, I’m naked and already hanging upside down in my own bathroom, so why not add one more to the mix?

Alright. I guess I’ll swing that too!

What took me by surprise was that I didn’t have to prep myself by setting my knees on my elbows; instead, I folded my knees and just started lifting up. And I didn’t need to lean against the wall this time!  Mind you, my shoulders were really feeling it. I do need to work on building more upper arm strength if I ever want to have a chance at nailing this, let alone tittibhasana.

Just happy to have another small celebration to a good week!


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