September Monthly Goals: Review


  • Plant basil seeds (2/5): Totally forgot about this, so I just started soaking the seeds and will start them next week.
  • Try new recipes (3/5): Tried Malaysian laksa and palak mutter. The palak wasn’t up to my standard; next time I will have to puree the spinach and add tomatoes, onions and some cream.


  • Yoga (5/5): My main focus continues to be on backbends and inversions. I’ve continued working slowly on pincha mayurasana against a wall to build back strength. Last weekend, I figured out how to drop into pike headstand and just a few days ago, I started getting the hang of tripod headstand, which will be fantastic if I want to fall into chaturanga or move into fallen angel pose. As for backbends, I don’t enjoy them, but my wheel is progressing alright.
  • Set up the FitBit Aria (5/5): Done! This took barely 5 minutes! It’s recommended that you weigh yourself consistently, so I’m usually doing this in the evening, after dinner, while fully unrobed.
  • Build up the core (1/5): Purchased Kerri Verna’s Core Yoga Power workout. I’ve only done bits and pieces here and need to set up a weekly plan for it.


  • Finish unit 20 of Digital Pimsleur Mandarin (0/5): Slacked on the language learning. Didn’t do this at all. Bleh.
  • Use more Chinese text (5/5): With the help of my cousins overseas, I figured out how to use voice recognition on my phone to write! Chinese! I can’t read all of it, but it’s fun for my mom and I to text back and forth.
  • Start Hinid (2/5): I meant to do two units, but have been putting this off. I ended up with finishing unit one s a start.


  • Change to winter tires (5/5): Did this in the second week of September. Really, you can’t get earlier than that!


  • Get cleaning supplies for back room (5/5): L, the CEA, approved $200 worth of materials for the clean up of the back room. Forgot to get latex gloves though. Submitted the receipts and am waiting for the reimbursement.
  • Pick up school supplies (5/5): I did most of it at Walmart, which I hate supporting, and The Dollar Store. There was no Staples in Val D’Or. The closest one would have been another hour away in Rouyn.
  • Long-range planning (1/5): Did Sec 4s general planning, now to do Sec 3, 2 and Sec 5 math. Have better plans so that I can retain them for next year.
  • Use new tools for workshop (5/5): Used Nearpod, Padlet, Kahoot, ThingLink and Dropbox. I’m so glad I did my BYOD training! I even used Kahoot in one of my classes

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