Shifting My Practice

NOTE: I wrote most of this post through voice recognition! I couldn’t believe how fast it was!

It’s been two months since I started working on yoga again, and yet I still have a whole lifetime ahead of me! The progress and the journey has been amazing and more fun that I could have ever imagined. It still blows me away how far I’ve progressed. Here is a list of poses that I have achieved or improved on over the last 60 days:

I’ve also made a list of asanas that I would like to work on and have set them up as goals every two months. It would be amazing flow from one pose to another and another and another!

However, it isn’t a balanced approach. I’m now considering if I should shift my practice. I have mainly been achieving poses, like ticking off the checklist, rather than developing a more rounded practice, like The Sun Salutations. Also, editing videos or photos for Instagram and Vimeo breaks up my workout too much. I am realizing I have become distracted and would like better ways to utilize my time more fully in my workouts.

And rather than thinking about the #QuestForThePress, which I will drop for now, I should be working on my handstand formations (otherwise what would I be pressing into?!). I should be focused on following both the Gold Medal Bodies Fitness and Patrick Beach programs more regularly to build strength, stability, and balance. Potentially I could build this into a  routine (which I don’t seem to like).

So far, getting up and doing mini CodyApp workouts this week has been going well. The goal of completing 10 minutes of core work has been short and simple enough that I have no excuse for not doing it. I realize I go to work more energized and I feel great throughout the day. Eventually, I would like to make it longer and incorporate a 30-minute yoga workout two to three times a week.

Those are my thoughts for now. Of course I will continue working on new poses; I can’t help that and there’s no stopping me anyhow!


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