Bakasana #2

Friday is an exciting day. It is mail day!

If you didn’t know this already, Instagram is a gold mine for fitness apparel retailers. And yes, I got sucked into it, but I have no problems supporting good retailers. I decided to reward myself for having worked so hard the past two months and gotten myself out of my rut. I ended up buying two pairs of leggings and a pair of shorts through Dharma Bums Activewear. In total, I paid around $200 AUD (almost the equivalent in CAD); yes, it was a splurge, but I did get free international shipping (often unheard of) and 15% off my first purchase. I hope these will last me the next 10 years!

Normally, I go with pretty conservative colours, but I pushed myself to go with something new and fun. Here’s my favourite pair! I’ll post more in my upcoming videos and pictures.

And check it out, no more blocks!

Hard to believe it was only 15 days ago I did my first crow pose.


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