Eka Pada Koundinyasana II

I stayed up late on Wednesday night when I shouldn’t have.

When I was suppose to be getting ready for bed, I started watching more yoga videos, including Sarah Beth’s tutorial on hurdler’s pose and also, came across baby grasshopper pose.

No luck with baby grasshopper. Man, it’s hard to pick yourself up! I somehow managed to lift off for a bit but fell quickly back to the ground. And around midnight, I started getting the hang of hurdler’s and was actually able to kick my front leg out and grab air time with my back! Even though it was for a nanosecond, it felt soooo good!

The trick with hurdler’s is having your arms close to you, resting one leg steadily on the tricep and having strong chaturanga arms. Sarah Beth stresses this a lot, and I didn’t take this tip seriously until I started squeezing my core and my rhomboids. Doing this helps to stabilize and move into the pose much more easily.

Last night, I made another attempt and it all came together!

When you’re trying to get out of hurdler’s pose, you naturally want to bring your leg back. This instinct actually helps move you straight into chaturanga dadasana. I gave it a few attempts and kept dumping my shoulders* (which should be avoided at all costs). Here was the one attempt that was successful. What helped the most is pushing straight into the mat, so that you’re bringing up your chest into a proper staff pose.

Eka Pada Kouniyasana #3 from Min Min T on Vimeo.

October has officially been the month of arm balances. I never planned it this way, but it has been really fun! Once you start working on a pose, you often naturally begin working on related poses, since you develop the same areas, muscles or movements.

I love hurdler’s pose! I would like to straighten my leg eventually.

I can’t wait to stitch all these poses together through transitions and flows!

*Your shoulders should never be lower than your elbows.


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