October Goals: How I Write Monthly Goals

The progress of goal-writing is always ongoing.

I always have three notes in Evernote going – one of the current month and two for the upcoming months. The notes are accessible through my phone, my laptop, my iPad or any computer with internet access. When there’s something I’ve decided I want to accomplish, but I am too busy to do this month, I jot a quick blurb into the appropriate note. It is at month end, during the time in which I review my goals for the month, that I also finish determining my goals for next month.

November will be the time to “wrap up.” I’ve started a lot of things, like books or training programs on CodyApp, but have not actually completed them. I will and I am going to do this!

Here is my review for this past month.


  • Build up the core (2/5): Get up early in the morning to do 10 minute workouts via CodyApp. It worked for about a week and I felt really good about it. I know that if I make my goal too big, I will just push it off. I need to be doing this every week.
  • Backbends, pinchas and arm balances (3/5): I’ve been slacking on the backbends, but started working on pinchas again and can actually now move from headstand to pincha mayurasana! My arm balances have been going well and progressing steadily, but I need to work on both sides of the body. I often will prefer putting weight into my dominant arm (my right arm).
  • Handstands (1/5): Start working on facing the wall holding. Currently only at 8 seconds. I hate doing this!!! I put it off a lot. I need to be doing this at least 5 times a week for a few reps. Shift this goal to next month.


  • Get flight sorted out (5/5): I have a ticket for India!
  • Book rooms (0/5): Will do this before the end of October.
  • Study Hindi (1/5): This has been a sore point for me. I’ve been putting it off but really worked at it the past week. I finished lesson 2 now and will get moving next month.


  • Wireless mouse (2/5): Set up a wireless mouse so that I can move around the classroom with better class management.
  • Sorting chemical room (5/5): Still one of my projects. Managed to get $200 of equipment and replaced all the cardboard boxes with clear containers. I need to label them.

Professional Development

  • Long-range planning (5/5): Finished my long-range planning and submitted them to the administration.
  • Bellwork and Anchor charts (2/5): Have not been doing bellwork regularly. This will be a work in progress throughout the year. I’ve also been lazy with the anchor charts and need to put them up.
  • Build a Hallowe’en show (0/5): Wasn’t able to get my hands on 20-volume hydrogen peroxide, because it would have been great. I was suppose to research this over the summer and totally slacked off on it. Partly my own fault … argh.
  • Continue exploring BYOD tools (2/5): Played around with ThingLink with students. We also had an amazing time with Socrative! That is my new BYOD tool that I just want to use for science class! I have also been meaning to get started with Quizlet, but will do this next month.

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