Free Fitness Tests on Cody App

Cody App recently put out a series of mobility and fitness tests by Mackenzie Miller. These are accessible to anyone for free.

Hips test: Even before I took the first test, I knew that I‘ve always had tight hamstrings. In downward dog, I cannot place my soles to the ground; my heels are usually lifted. However, over the past few years, I’ve seen progression and they are starting to relax a bit more. The second test showed that my ankles are healthy; I’ve done enough squats to know that my toes are lifted but my heels are down.

Spinal mobility: I am able to retract and protract the shoulders in a scapular press (healthy extension and flexion of the spine). However, I know that day-to-day, I will hunch my shoulders (i.e. excessive kyphotic curve of the thoracic spine). In the second test, I found that I have limited rotation in the thoracic spine. I was only able to rotate halfway through, which is fine and normal, but not fully open from one side to the other.

Shoulder and lats test: I passed the “head scratch” test, which means I have good mobility of triceps, lats and external rotators and rotator cuffs. However, in the second test, while squatting down, my arms wanted to hinge slightly forward, which means that I have some tension in the lats.

Photo 2014-10-31, 7 48 45 PM

Shoulder and wrist test: Passed both tests, meaning that I have normal mobility in the wrists.

Hip flexor mobility: This test the front of the hips, including the quadriceps and hip flexors. These muscles tend to get short and tight if you’re sitting for long periods of time. Passed this alright, which means that I have normal mobility in the front of the hips.

Photo 2014-10-31, 8 32 52 PM


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