More Pincha Practice

Since discovery that I can do chin-ups, I realize that I haven’t done any pincha mayurasanas recently. I came home, had a light dinner of vegetable soup and then got to work. Since I started, I haven’t been able to find the right centre of balance yet. Tonight, I got a taste of it (and was not able to replicate it too many times).

You can catch me talking to myself. I’m basically reminding myself of all the steps I’ve heard Kino say over and over again. I can’t get into an open split yet and am still throwing my legs up, but I did manage to do a beautiful pose that was straight – no banana back! – for a couple of seconds. What I’ve realized is that my shoulders were still slightly dropped; when I actively push my arms and shoulders down, I realized that was what I had been missing all along. Sometimes it’s just that one step that we’re missing.

Honestly, sometimes when I rewatch these videos, I find it incredible and hard to believe that I did it!

Epilogue: I ate two giant pancakes with margarine and syrup after this.


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