Yoga Update

Pincha mayurasana: I can’t believe I am actually able to straighten out in pincha mayurasana. It felt like a fluke and I can’t replicate yet, but I know I am capable of straightening out. However, I have a bigger problem; I understand now why Kino McGregor said not to jump up too quickly. What’s happened now is that I’ve formed a bad habit and need to undo it; tossing yourself up too fast means that you have to put extra effort into slowing yourself down. My solution right now is to work farther away from the wall and move into a more controlled and slow leg split. This will take some time.

Wall holds: I still hate doing this. I’ve not been doing this regularly as my back still feels sensitive. However, the last time, I managed to hold it for 12 seconds. I’m less scared now. This is an improvement from 8 seconds a few weeks ago. My goal is to hit 30 seconds by the end of December.

Transitions: Staying consistent to refining and working on existing poses, I started working on tripod headstand to side crow. Twisting isn’t hard; it’s just trying to keep the knees together and setting them onto your elbows. Sometimes I miss, sometimes I get it. I also did some practice transition from mini tripod headstand into chaturanga dandasana.

Cody workouts: Cody finally realized an Android version of their app! This week, as part of the Backbend Foundations, I learned how to do a one-arm backbend, “wild thing” pose. Yes, it’s a new pose, but it’s not much of new pose. It’s a quick heart-opener that you can transition into from side plank. I should also note that my side planks have been getting a lot better, meaning my obliques have gotten stronger!

Chaturangas: It feels great now! I can even roll my toes over when moving into seal, although this is a pain and I think I will just continue picking up my foot in my vinyasas.

Structured yoga classes: I downloaded Leslie Fightmaster’s free class that is shared on YouTube. The first time, my “breaking point”* was less than 15 minutes. I was able to follow 28 minutes. The chaturangas no longer feel as if they exhaust me. I hope to be able to do the full 45 minutes by the end of the month.

*When I’m too tired and have to pause and stop completely for a break.


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