More Backbends

I’m practically done the Backbends Foundation program in just over a week!  Since I’ve been rushing too much and am trying to counteract that bad habit, I’ve decided I will redo the wheel prep class a few times before I go into urdhva dhanurasana.


And as I’ve been progressing well, I decided to upgrade my MacKenzie Miller plan on Cody App to include all three programs ($50) earlier this week.

Started Intermediate Backbends last night. Warming up for extended periods of time help me progress a lot farther than I expect. I need this to become a habit, because I continuously overlook warm-ups and try to leap straight into intermediate or advanced poses, including inversions.

The first class of the intermediate series is on ustrasana, or camel pose, and has lots of exercises that build up to the actual pose. I also finally started using the yoga strap to help me. This went far better than I had expected.

This morning, I worked on the second class of the program. Here is my dhanursana. I’m not particularly a fan of this pose as I find the breathing very difficult. I didn’t realize until afterward when I reference Leslie Kaminoff‘s book that it notes many people often rock back and forth to help breathing.

Splits: I can’t do the splits, but I thought I’d document how far I am right now. I’m pretty far from doing real splits! I could have probably shoved a third block underneath me.


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