Slowing Down in Pincha

Pincha mayurasana: I felt there was a bit of progress. I am working on getting into pincha with splits, while undoing some bad habits. You can see my kick-up is a bit more controlled and as I am balancing, I am bringing slowly my legs together. Firming your arms strongly down into the mat is integral to activate the right muscles; I believe this is how you keep length in the thoracic spine, which, according to Leslie Kaminoff, helps to maintain balance

Chaturangas I can actually push my feet back now and roll over! It’s amazing how my chaturanagas are coming together after a couple of months. There are so many different aspects that you have to be aware of and slowly, the pieces were coming together over the past few weeks – hips, elbows, position of your torso. The last thing that I needed to do was pump my arms properly for my toes to push back! It is, in fact, pretty hilarious / appalling / embarassing to watch myself do a chaturanga back in August 2014. I made all the classic mistakes – dumping my shoulders below my elbows, belly-flopping, arching my back instead of engaging my core. Then, I watch the same video and am just amaze at how mastery can come from daily practice.

Chin-Ups: Since finding out I can do chin-ups, I finally screwed up the courage to do one on camera. I’m still getting over the mental hump of even doing a chin-up and I have to work myself up to it, but I’m sure with time, the anxiety will just disappear, as when I started a new asana!

Leggings: I finally got new leggings from The Jiva Shop! It took two months for these to arrive because they were pre-ordered. I got two pairs of full-lengths and a pair of shorts. Pretty pricey for $190 USD, but ah well, if it keeps me exercising, considering it part of my life-long health plan.


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