Since I’d been practicing yoga during the summer, I have felt more energetic throughout the day. My energy level doesn’t zip up and down as much and my metabolism to be a lot better.

The past week, despite already having Monday as a holiday*, I felt a bit worn out. I still eat breakfast every morning; J. makes me a yogurt and fruit smoothie with psyllium husks.

The trouble I think is that I slept late the past few nights.

I don’t often nap and when I do, I don’t actually nap, I sleep. Sometimes you can’t get me out of it (terrible if there ended up being a serious emergency). I generally avoid napping and I only do this when I am absolutely exhausted. Of course, this becomes a problem, because then I wake up and then can’t actually go to bed, which is RIGHT NOW …. argh!!!

Sigh … perhaps I should just take a shower and pop a sleeping pill.

Report cards to finish off this weekend.

*The holiday is localized, to remember the signing of the James Bay Agreement.


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