Hollowback Handstand

Handstand practice: Supported handstand with the wall; I got to 21 seconds yesterday! I also decided to take a stab at a hollowback handstand. It felt really good and I have to say that it felt really good! My back was warm, I felt no aggravation in my mid-back or lower back. Also, you can see that my shoulders were opening up, my arms were coming to my ears (meaning that there is reduced tension in the lats).

Photo 2014-11-19, 6 15 53 PM

Arm Balances: I’ve been putting off working on crow. I have not been building up my abdominals. Crow is the key to everything else and without mastering this asana. And if I don’t build on my core strength, I cannot work on transitions between eka pada koundiyasana, side crow, etc.

Back: It’s been a busy work week, including parent’s night last night, so I’ve not done any MacKenzie Miller classes this week. However, the work that I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks, is helping my back, which is also part of my core, and it has felt really good. The flexibility in my seal and updog is getting better. Warming up with a couple of surya namaskara (sun salulations) gets me going, although I’m still trying to remember the sequences for sun salutations a and b (note to self: need to start counting in Sanskrit and studying). I would like to continue to work on increasing flexibility in the back.

Morning workouts: I managed to get out of bed at 7:10 am, which is still fairly late and squeezed in 35 minutes of one of Lesley Fightmaster’s classes. I filmed part of it on fast motion, via Hyperlapse:

Vinyasa #1 from Min Min T on Vimeo.


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