Monthly Goals: November


  • Focus on vinyasas (2/5): Yoga practice versus asana practice. I am currently trying to learn sun salutations A and sun salutations B so that I know them by heart. I did Lesley Fightmaster’s class twice. Could have been working on more vinyasas. The most asana practice I’ve been doing this month is just pincha mayurasana, which has been progressing amazingly well in the last two weeks. I am kicking up into splits without relying on the wall, have my shoulders more aligned and am holding myself up with little banana back!
  • Work on linking two poses (2/5): Just at the end of October, I started being able to lift off of tripod headstand into bakasana! I was also trying to flow from tripod into side grow. I didn’t do as much of this as I had intended.
  • Develop the back (5/5): Bought MacKenzie Millers Backbend Foundations plan ($20) and upgraded to include all three plans. Currently working on the intermediate plan. This has been doing well and towards the end of the month, I am happy to announce that I do NOT feel any pain in my back!
  • Always warm-ups (5/5): The plans by MacKenzie Miller are very well structured. Warming up for a good length of time means that I do not feel any aggravation in my back. If I don’t use a CodyApp lesson to warm up, I will do some sun salutations. Also using the foam roller is great.


  • No more yoga purchases until the new year (5/5): Bought pants from Dharma Bums and The Jiva Shop. This totalled to about $400 …. yeah, quite a lot of money. I haven’t bought any other clothing. Laying off anymore purchases until winter solstice / Christmas holidays.

Personal Development

  • Hindi (2/5): Complete units 3-6, currently finished unit 4 but have not mastered it yet. Really slacking on this goal.
  • Music (3/5): Listen to some Ravi Shankar just to get myself into the mood for India. Makes for good marking music!
  • Get back into reading (5/5): I’ve forgotten how great it is to read. I finally finished reading Family Matters and am in the midst of And the Mountains Echoed. Also about to start Cheryl Strayed’s Wild. I also renewed the 24-book membership plan on ($230).
  • Read the news daily (3/5): I’ve gotten out of the loop of reading the news, so currently trying to dabble here and there on Flipboard and listen to the CBC 5-minute news update once or twice a day.


  • BYOD tools (0/5): I did end up playing with Socrative at the end of the month but did not get into anything else during this month.

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