Observations as a Second Year Teacher

It is the end of November. I have now been a classroom teacher for more than a year! It’s definitely been a lot easier the second year.

Just thought I would share some observations that I’ve made in “year two”:

  1. There is less screaming and so far, I’ve not cried in front of students … not even once!
  2. Students know where all the supplies are. You don’t have to answer as many questions about where to find line paper or the highlighters. They are also no longer interested in rifling through all the drawers in the science lab.
  3. The Smartboard runs like a dream. You know all its quirks and how to get it running again if the green light is flashing. And no, you don’t try to calibrate it every day you log into your computer!
  4. Your stink eye works far better this year.
  5. You’ve got pretty much all the supplies that you need, maybe you even have more than you use, and have learned to keep stashes of extra pencils, string, scissors, tape, etc.
  6. Your calculators look like they’ve been through the dryer, then run over with a dozen Hummers, beaten with baseball bats and then stuck onto a Jackson Pollack painting.
  7. Your hamstrings aren’t so tight anymore, since you bend down to pick up pencils and papers every 5 minutes.
  8. Students trust you. They don’t hold grudges for no reason or try to find buttons to push.
  9. You know a lot of parents by their first name and text them regularly.And the best one …
  10. You no longer come home physically and emotionally exhausted week after week. You have found a rhythm and you realize … hey, I’m pretty good at my job!

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