Ganda Bherundasana #1

Crow Toe Taps: I’ve seen a lot of people do toe taps. I tried it for the first time yesterday, but flopped over once my centre of gravity had shifted. Hopefully, once I have more stability in crow and hold it for longer periods, I can do this as part of daily practice. This is a great mini ab workout.

Chin-stand: Also known as ganda bherundasana* in Sanskrit. I tried this over a month ago, only to bite my own lip and bleed all over my mouth. I subsequently thrashed my legs wildly and got nowhere. Today, I decided to give it another go. I used yoga blocks under my shoulders to reduce the angle needed in my back to maintain the lift; it seems that this was just the trick I needed! I used a wall just to reduce any anxiety I had about flipping over. After a half dozen attempts, I got the hang of it!

Sometimes it’s funny that way; you step away from something and when you walk back to it, it just magically comes to you. The feeling of doing something for the first time gives you such a great thrill!

Scorpion: Now that I am able to hold pincha mayurasana for about 8 seconds, I am starting to have to control required to go into scorpion, or vrschikasana, and exit out of it. Below is a video of my first attempt at scorpion off the wall. It definitely helps to have done the chin-stands during the day, because it warmed up my back and gave me the flexibility for this pose.

Tripod with outstretched hands: Wasn’t too bad. Definitely my neck muscles are more developed and can handle it a lot better than previously!

*The full expression of the pose requires your feet to hang over your head and looks something more like this second attempt I made.


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