Eka Pada Galavasana #1

Achieving the chin-stand on Saturday technically wasn’t a new pose, since I had previously attempted it before. Today, I did end up breaking my pledge to swear off new poses until the new year.

Since I’d been doing alright with bakasana the past week, and the base for one-legged pigeon, or eka pada galavasana, is pretty much crow pose, I had to give a go. This is one of those poses where – especially when starting off – you pretty much want to make sure there’s a pillow under your face … if you want to be able to show your face on Monday at work. There’s a lot of backlight, but I managed to “fly” my pigeon (i.e. lift my back leg into the air) after half a dozen tries.

My right tricep has been pretty much rubbed raw from the past hour, but I am still pretty darn proud of what I was able to achieve!


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